Tears for Camellia

Toronto, Canada — Chinese Canadian writer Bo Sun offers a tortuous odyssey of a beautiful, ambitious Shanghainese woman.

At around 1 o’clock pm on New Year’s Day, 2001, some tourists discover an anonymous female corpse afloat on the Niagara River in Canada, approximately 800 meters down from Niagara Falls.

After several days’ complicated investigation, the police discover that the dead person is a woman from Shanghai, by the name of Zhang Yuanyuan at the age of 30. Eventually, they are able to piece together the tragedy from her diary and letters…

Part of love story, part of cautionary tale, Tears for Camellia takes you from Asia to North America, with a Canadian connection.

Elizabeth Warrener, retired librarian from the Toronto public library

About the author: Bob Sun (Bo Sun), a Chinese Canadian award-winning writer and a senior media professional. He is the editor-in-chief of 365netTV.com, and the President of the Chinese PEN Society of Canada, and the Vice-President of World Chinese Studies in Canada. He is the author of over ten novels and the director of a couple of full-length documentaries.

About the translator: Betty Sun (Baimei Sun), a senior Chinese Canadian translator. She had been an associate professor in the English Department of Shanghai International Studies University before immigrating to Canada. While living in Canada, she had been a visiting scholar at McGill University and the University of Regina and has worked for the Toronto Public Library for 16 years. 

Tears for Camellia ─A Social Butterfly’s Spiritual Journey Overseas, written by Bo Sun, translated by Baimei Sun,

2019, Purple Pegasus Publishing, ISBN# 978-0-9966405-5-8, paperback, $17.99  420 pages, coming soon.